Monday, December 29, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 004

This is Kym Kym Hour. Welcome to my blog. This dinner is not as fanciful as the normal dinner. Reason? Most likely is that Badman not at home lor. Only when the whole family is coming home for dinner then there will be more fanciful stuff. Even with these simple dishes, Puppy will be happy to have her dinner at home. The dish below is stir-fried Japanese cucumber. Quite a simple dish. The only condiment used is oyster sauce. Puppy's mum fried the shallots until they were golden brown then added in the cucumber and oyster sauce to taste. Simple right?

I guess this is one of the first dish that one will make when they started to learn cooking. Puppy and I love eggs. Eggs in all forms. Haha. But seldom do we eat sunny side up when we are eating out because they are simply too OILY. See! Home cooked one were not oily at all and Puppy's mum even laid the eggs on kitchen towel to absorb the oil. Haha. That's our family.

Puppy will always request for a soup. Today's special will be radish pork rib soup. There were dried scallops to make the soup sweeter. When there were not many dishes, Puppy will finish up the radish as well as the dried scallops. No wonder she is born in the year of Pig. Haha. There is a word of caution when taking this soup. According to Puppy's mum, when one is taking chinese medicine or tonic like Ginseng, they should not take this soup because the effect of the medicine or tonic will be cancelled, equivalent to not taking. Chai Por, the brown thingy on top of the chwee kuay also has the same effect. So do take note hor.

Next entry will be on Puppy's baking. If you want to know her standard (don't have too high expectation hor), do stay tune.


Providence said...

Wah the cooking looks really good leh. Too bad barney cannot cook. I still haven tasted Singaporean cooking sob sob.

Raow Raow

Kym Kym said...

Barney can eat only. Haha. See his real person and you will understand what I am saying.

Providence said...

Barney can also cook one hor. We see him fry egg before hee hee.

Husky brothers

PuRpLeStAr said...

Oh dear you haven't updated for loooooong time. But I understand, you're busy :)