Friday, June 20, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Part 2

It feels so good to be small in size. I can follow puppy everywhere she goes. She just need to dump me into her bag. Haha. This photo was taken after our pork chop burger breakfast. Humans are really funny, so particular about hygiene and yet use stocking to make tea. And my stupid puppy still said nice. *Yucks*

Then we walk to the Bank of China. Wah. This building is don't know how many million times my height. I felt so minute beside it even when puppy held me high up. Aiya, she also not that tall also. Haha. So we got to meet the 5 mascorts of the Beijing Olympic. I chose the red one to take a photo for memory sake. I think the photo will be nicer without the zip lock bag underneath my butt. But you will see it in most of my photos. Puppy scares my butt will get dirty lor.

Next, we took the tram up to The Peak. As the tram is too cram with tourists, I did not have the chance to come out and take photos. Wasted. The highlight of today's activities was the Wax Museum. I got to come out of the zip lock bag and take photos. Tonnes and tonnes of photos. But I chose three photos which I like most to display in my blog.

I took so many photos with beautiful mei mei. But I love this one. Hee hee. What is her name ah? Sorry ah. I don't know.

Can you guess what is the whiteboard for? For people to display their names and ID when taking their prison photos. Haha. Since I am too small for the board, I sat on the table to take the photo lor. I am a prisoner of Puppy's heart. Hee hee.

For this photo, I really need to clarify. I am not hum sap (lusty) one hor. I was tricked to sit there to take photo. Puppy told me if I sit there to take photo, she will buy me french fries. So I gong gong and sat there (on the model's cleveage). Can spot me?

After a long tour in the wax museum, we went to Burger King to take a rest. Our legs were so tired even though I did not walk much but I posed alot. At Burger King, Puppy did not buy me french fries as promised. She scared I will get too heaty. Excuses. I felt so cheated. But luckily she let me ride on a deer to take photos. Cute, isn't it? Cuter without the plastic bag. That night I dreamt of french fries. Haha.


Providence said...

Wah kym kym really enjoy life ah. This is Jiu Jiu husky. We also go go hor. Just never take as many pictures. More updates please!

haha said...

Who are you in real life?? A teacher??????????????????????????????????????Or or really a talking bear?????????????Eeek!!!!!!!!!