Monday, October 27, 2008

Puppy's New Home for the Next 10 Weeks

My puppy was posted to a school to do her teaching practice. As her loyal companion, of course I will follow her to her new work place to inspect it. After she had settled down, I popped out of my zip lock bag and ran around. She took some photos of me. Haha.

These were the books and stationery that she was given. Puppy helped me to wipe the rack before I sat there. You can guess what subject Puppy is teaching? Hee hee.

Puppy cannot do without her laptop. Before she is given one by her school, she had to bring hers to school everyday. Poor Puppy. Her shoulder pain will come back again. Being kind and understanding, I offered to stay at home for this period.

After packing her stuff, we walked round the place and guess what? The bear in this photo is not me. We found my cousin in this room. What a small world! This table is nice and cosy. I guessed my cousin is happy there. I did not get to talk to him as Puppy did not know who is the owner of this table. So not nice to go nice. We have to stand at a distance and wave to my cousin.


Providence said...

Hello kym kym. Enjoying a new place ah. And nice to see that u have a cousin. Thought you were unique one. Not like us husky brothers. Got so many brothers hee hee

Leaver said...

kym cousin wor....hmm

Leave nothing but i leave 1 here....

kym kym, used to drink coffee with me one, but since kym kym posted to the new more chances already.