Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Trip to NIE

Time flies. Today is Puppy's last day at NIE before she is posted out to a school to do her teaching practice. And they have an exhibition to display their service learning project. I followed her to her store. As her project is about saving endangered animals, her group members brought many toys to display at the counter. Mind you, I am not one of the endangered animals displayed there, my role there is a visitor. Since I am a visitor, of course it is my duty to take photos with the endangered animals there. Here are some of the friends who I met there. Enjoy.
This is Mr Bat and Baby Bat. I am wondering if they will become Batman in the future. I wish to travel around in Batman's car.

I know what you are going to say. They are not endangered animals. Their owner and my Puppy belong to the same species. Haha. Like to buy accessories to decorate us. They got their hats and specs from Spotlight. Puppy said she will be getting one for me too as I tried it and it fits perfectly. Their owner even took the effort to decorate their plain black hat. Envy.

I look nice in their hat right?

The specs did not suit me as my eyes are too close together. This pair of specs suit people with eyes that are wide apart. No no for me. And i think I look tut tut in that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Wardrobe Part I

Till now, all the pictures that I posted here are my 'naked' photos. Anyway, everyone is born naked in the first place. Nothing to be ashamed about. But Puppy finds it too boring to just leave me naked. So she started looking for clothes that can fit me. Sigh... Due to my unique figure, Puppy has a hard time looking for it. Then one fine day, when she was cleaning up her cabinet, she saw a jacket that seem to fit me. She grabbed it immediately and put it on for me. Tah dah... Fit just nicely. Too bad, it is pink in colour, or else I will love it more. Makes me look a bit girly. But never mind, I only wore it for a while because... (continue below)

This photo is not well-taken. See my fur below my nose. Not nicely combed. Normally Puppy will comb my facial hair every day and every time I take photos. How come she forgot this time? Continuing from where I left off just now, why can Ionly wear this jacket for a while only? This is because it belongs to another bear. Hee hee. As I am a good bear bear, I returned this jacket once I took the photos. But this grey bear promised to lend me this jacket when I go Korea this year end. Yippee.

Nice right? Everyone says that I look cute in this jacket. Though the sleeves are a bit long for me, at least still can see my little hands. Haha. If anyone happen to spot any clothes that is suitable for me, please leave me a message. I will ask Puppy to buy for me. To add on to my collection of Kym Kym's clothing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift but not on Valentine's Day

Barney bought this bouquet of flowers for Puppy as a Valentine's Day gift. But it was delivered to her on 15th February 2008. Why? Puzzled? Because this cheapo Barney bought this from his students one. It was given to him on Valentine's Day itself. And he is not meeting Puppy. So waited till next day then give. Luckily the flowers still quite fresh else I would ask Puppy to send it down the rubbish chute. So bo shim. Barney should have delivered to her on the day itself mah. Haha. Anyway, Puppy was delighted when she received it. So she dragged me to take a photo with her beloved flowers before it goes into the bin after it withers. So irony. Want others to buy flowers and yet complain that it is very wasteful. Woman ah woman. Ironical animal.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah... Chinese New Year

Yeah! It's Chinese New Year. A season filled with laughter and food. Of course I had my share of food and drinks and even wine. Haha. I even snatched some from Puppy when she was not looking at it. Eventually she found out also. Because my tummy grew much bigger than expected. This is my first Chinese New Year with Puppy and family. I felt the warmth from them which made me even cuter as days passed. Then Puppy's mummy gave me a Ang Bao leh. I was so touched. You don't think inside got no money hor. There is $2.00 inside. Hee hee. I put it in my Charmmy Kitty's luggage.
A few days after the first day of Chinese New Year was Puppy's brother's, aka bad man, birthday. He was quite kind to me on his birthday. He did not bully me or play prank on me. So I had the chance to take a picture with his birthday cake and ate a small piece too. Not enough actually. But I did not ask for me, too pai seh. I just went back to my room and sleep. At least sleeping won't make me fat. Haha. Dreaming of creamy cheesy cheese cake.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chinese New Year is coming.

In my previous post, I mentioned something not so accurate. The photos were taken on 1st Feb 2008, not so near Valentine's Day yet. Hee hee. Please pardon me. My brain too small, cannot remember so many things. Puppy read my post then highlight to me this.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is round the corner, so Puppy's mama needs to change her bedsheet. This is a BIG problem for me. As I am permanently park on her bed, where will I go when her bed is being clean? I found out very soon after that. This is where I am. Can you spot me?

Too far? Cannot see? Nothing mah. Just a basket with a doraemon. Ok ok. I will take a closer shot.

Can see me now? My cute, chubby brown cheeks was pressed on the basket. Luckily it did not leave any permanent mark on my face. But as soon as Puppy saw this, she dug me out and place me on the sofa. The good thing is I can watch TV but the bad thing is a bad man will come and kidnap me. The same guy who kidnapped Kuku from Puppy. Luckily he was not at home on that day. Phew...

A Trip to NIE

It's just a few days before it is Valentine's Day in year 2008. That day, I knew that puppy will be going out after school so I tagged along. Hee hee. She went to school early in the morning. I have to hide in the bag for the whole day. So sad. Once in a while, she will peep into her bag and say Hi to me and sayang me. But that is like 10 seconds out of like 8 hours. Can you imagine how bored I was? To make things worse, Puppy's bag is black outside and inside as well. Black is a good absorber of heat, mind you. I was like steaming inside. Thank god, this only happen once every 2 hours and only for about 5 minutes. But that's enough.

Finally, end of my Puppy's lesson, which means end of my suffering. I can come out of the black bag and also out of my zip lock bag. Yeah. To celebrate, I posed and took some pictures while waiting for Barney to come and pick us up.

Please take note of my beautiful tie. Puppy specially tied this for me to celebrate Chinese New Year. She untied it after a month and now she forgot how to tie back the same style for me. Sad sad.

NIE should consider getting me to endorse for them. Hee hee. I know the photo is a bit blur lah. But cannot blame my puppy also. She had to look around to make sure that there is no one looking at us (else people might think that we are crazy), help me pose (as I am too short) and hold the handphone. Plus her handphone's camera only 2 Megapixels, the result is like this lor. Don't worry, I my psycho her to upgrade to a better phone so she can take better quality photos of me. Haha.