Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Wardrobe Part I

Till now, all the pictures that I posted here are my 'naked' photos. Anyway, everyone is born naked in the first place. Nothing to be ashamed about. But Puppy finds it too boring to just leave me naked. So she started looking for clothes that can fit me. Sigh... Due to my unique figure, Puppy has a hard time looking for it. Then one fine day, when she was cleaning up her cabinet, she saw a jacket that seem to fit me. She grabbed it immediately and put it on for me. Tah dah... Fit just nicely. Too bad, it is pink in colour, or else I will love it more. Makes me look a bit girly. But never mind, I only wore it for a while because... (continue below)

This photo is not well-taken. See my fur below my nose. Not nicely combed. Normally Puppy will comb my facial hair every day and every time I take photos. How come she forgot this time? Continuing from where I left off just now, why can Ionly wear this jacket for a while only? This is because it belongs to another bear. Hee hee. As I am a good bear bear, I returned this jacket once I took the photos. But this grey bear promised to lend me this jacket when I go Korea this year end. Yippee.

Nice right? Everyone says that I look cute in this jacket. Though the sleeves are a bit long for me, at least still can see my little hands. Haha. If anyone happen to spot any clothes that is suitable for me, please leave me a message. I will ask Puppy to buy for me. To add on to my collection of Kym Kym's clothing.


Providence said...

Ruff ruff. Lord kym kym so good got jacket. This barney never buy clothes for us one. Only got our fur to keep us warm. And our scarf. So sad ruff ruff

Kym Kym said...

Your neck so short, no need so many scarf. One enough. Too many will make you look like you have no nedk. Haha.