Friday, June 20, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Part 2

It feels so good to be small in size. I can follow puppy everywhere she goes. She just need to dump me into her bag. Haha. This photo was taken after our pork chop burger breakfast. Humans are really funny, so particular about hygiene and yet use stocking to make tea. And my stupid puppy still said nice. *Yucks*

Then we walk to the Bank of China. Wah. This building is don't know how many million times my height. I felt so minute beside it even when puppy held me high up. Aiya, she also not that tall also. Haha. So we got to meet the 5 mascorts of the Beijing Olympic. I chose the red one to take a photo for memory sake. I think the photo will be nicer without the zip lock bag underneath my butt. But you will see it in most of my photos. Puppy scares my butt will get dirty lor.

Next, we took the tram up to The Peak. As the tram is too cram with tourists, I did not have the chance to come out and take photos. Wasted. The highlight of today's activities was the Wax Museum. I got to come out of the zip lock bag and take photos. Tonnes and tonnes of photos. But I chose three photos which I like most to display in my blog.

I took so many photos with beautiful mei mei. But I love this one. Hee hee. What is her name ah? Sorry ah. I don't know.

Can you guess what is the whiteboard for? For people to display their names and ID when taking their prison photos. Haha. Since I am too small for the board, I sat on the table to take the photo lor. I am a prisoner of Puppy's heart. Hee hee.

For this photo, I really need to clarify. I am not hum sap (lusty) one hor. I was tricked to sit there to take photo. Puppy told me if I sit there to take photo, she will buy me french fries. So I gong gong and sat there (on the model's cleveage). Can spot me?

After a long tour in the wax museum, we went to Burger King to take a rest. Our legs were so tired even though I did not walk much but I posed alot. At Burger King, Puppy did not buy me french fries as promised. She scared I will get too heaty. Excuses. I felt so cheated. But luckily she let me ride on a deer to take photos. Cute, isn't it? Cuter without the plastic bag. That night I dreamt of french fries. Haha.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

Puppy really loves me alot. I am so fortunate. Not long after I went home with her, She brought me to Hong Kong. It was 10th December 2007, 10 days after I was invited home. This is the first time I boarded an airplane. I think I got to Singapore by sea. How would I know for sure when I was inside a box with my brothers. Hee hee.

She placed me inside a zip lock bag and I stayed in her backpack until she cleared the custom as I did not have a passport nor air ticket. Haha.

I stayed inside the big until she bored the plane then she took me out of the zip lock bag. At last I could enjoy some fresh air. Haha. We boarded the United Airlines. See, I got proof.

Puppy is so nice to me. She even shared her breakfast with me. Among all the items, I love harshbrown the most. Yum yum. Can you spot me in this photo? Hint: Look at the left side. Can you see my foot? That stupid Puppy busy taking photo of her breakfast and left me out. *Argh*

After breakfast, time for my favourite activity - SLEEP. Zzzzz.... Zzzzz..... By the time i woke up, I was already at the airport safely, without passport. Haha.

At last I got a site of my own. Yeah!

Hello everyone in the World Wide Web. Now that I have became part of this family, I shall introduce myself to the whole world. My name is Kym Kym. Though it may sound like a female's name, but I am a male. Yes, a MALE. I will tell you how come I got such a girly name from my owner later. The story began like this....

On the 1st December 2007, Puppy (my owner) went Takashimaya shopping as usual. Christmas was round the corner and lots of soft toys were out for sale. I was one of them, sitting there praying hard that someone will pick me up. Then this puppy came and set her eyes on us (my brothers and I). I could see that she wanted to bring one of us home. She picked me up, took a look and put me back. Then picked my brother up and examined. At one time, she can hold three of us in her hand, comparing our nose, eyes, feathers, arms and legs, as if she is choosing her future husband examined us from head to toes (though I don't have any Haha).
Finally, she picked me. I was happy and worried at that moment. Wondering if she will treat me well or just throw me in a corner or even worse, give me to a toddler who will drool one me. *Praying hard* She paid and I was on my way home with her.

Next step is to give me a name. She thought of all sorts of funny name like Little Bear, Red Indian, Fatty (as I have a big tummy) etc. All of a sudden, I saw a light bulb surfacing from her tiny brain. She shouted, "I shall name him Kym Kym". Thousands of question marks appeared in my brain. Why give me such a sissy name? Her reason was 她对我一见钟情 and there is an artiste by the name of 钟琴 too and her English name is Kym. So she named me Kym Kym. Oh my god. So lame right? That's my owner. Since then, I was stuck with this name. Six months have passed, and I got used to it also. Now, everyone knows me by that name.

In future, I shall share my adventures with everyone. So far, Puppy has treated me like a king, cuddle me, play with me and bring me when she goes dating. Haha. Even her boyfriend is jealous of me. So proud of myself. That's all folks, for my very first entry in the world of blogs.