Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 003

It's Kym Kym time again. Food, food and more food. Haha. If possible, Puppy prefer to start every meal with soup. Why why? According to studies, the soup will fill up your stomach and you will tend to eat lesser for the main course. First, you can lose weight. Second, it helps you to save money especially during recession. Haha. Puppy's theory.

But if you really keen on losing weight like Barney (one with a big spare tire around his waist), it will be better for you to start with clear soup like the one below and not those creamy type aka ang mo soup. The base of this soup is brewed from ikan bilis (small dried fish). It is high in calcium provided you eat the ikan bilis as you are eating the small bones of the fish. But please eat in moderation as it is high in salt content. One suggestion from Puppy, soak them in water before putting them in your soup. After the base is done, you can add in anything you like. For the one below, sliced fish, meatball, tomatoes, beancurd, crabstick and salted veggies were added to make it tastes better. It will be a complete and balance meal for simple eater like Puppy.

Of course Puppy's mum won't just serve one soup for the family. There were two other main dish for her dinner.

Puppy loves eggplants too. There are several ways of frying this veggie. For the above, sambal chilli, dried shrimps, minced meat and garlic were added. In the hawker centre, they do serve similar dish but they were too oily for Puppy's liking. They deep-fried the eggplants to make it tastes nicer. If you look carefully, there were a little bit of tau gua in it. I guess they were from yesterday's dinner. As Puppy's mum is a traditional woman, she believed that one should not waste food so she added them into this dish. Surprisingly, it did not spoil the taste at all. All these bits and pieces will be picked up by Puppy before the dinner started. Haha.

The third fish that she had for dinner is chinese leeks with fish. This Puppy really strange, likes to eat greens that are unknown to me. This is a popular dish during Chinese New Year eve. The chinese name for this chinese leek is 蒜(suan) which sounds like counting. So chinese believe that if you eat it on the eve of chinese new year, you will have lots of money to count next year. Haha. But Puppy likes the taste lah, especially when it is fried with black promfet.

That's all folks for this episode. Stay tune for more delicious foodies.


Providence said...

Wah kym kym this is a personal attack leh. Cannot say barney got tummy one. Taboo for us huskys also. Later he hit your butt butt then you know.

Woof woof

Kym Kym said...

This is a FACT!! Haha.