Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

Puppy really loves me alot. I am so fortunate. Not long after I went home with her, She brought me to Hong Kong. It was 10th December 2007, 10 days after I was invited home. This is the first time I boarded an airplane. I think I got to Singapore by sea. How would I know for sure when I was inside a box with my brothers. Hee hee.

She placed me inside a zip lock bag and I stayed in her backpack until she cleared the custom as I did not have a passport nor air ticket. Haha.

I stayed inside the big until she bored the plane then she took me out of the zip lock bag. At last I could enjoy some fresh air. Haha. We boarded the United Airlines. See, I got proof.

Puppy is so nice to me. She even shared her breakfast with me. Among all the items, I love harshbrown the most. Yum yum. Can you spot me in this photo? Hint: Look at the left side. Can you see my foot? That stupid Puppy busy taking photo of her breakfast and left me out. *Argh*

After breakfast, time for my favourite activity - SLEEP. Zzzzz.... Zzzzz..... By the time i woke up, I was already at the airport safely, without passport. Haha.

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Providence said...

Hello kym kym! This is husky speaking. Noe which one? Nice blog! I wan mine also. Must ask barney to set up