Friday, July 25, 2008

Introducing My Friends

Before I go on with my adventures, I think it will be better to introduce my friends to you first as you might find them in my adventures. First, they are the husky brothers. They belong to Barney.

The leftmost is called Jiu Jiu Husky and he is the eldest among the three. Beside him is Di Di Husky, the youngest one. Lastly is Dan Dan Husky. They will come to my house quite often as Barney always bring them out. They respect me alot and address me as Lord Kym Kym. Haha. This is because I have a very powerful backing, which is my puppy. When they try to do something funny to me, Puppy will smack their empty heads. 1, 2, 3. Haha. Or threaten to cut away their beloved tails. This two tactics always work. Then I will be safe.

They are very bhb one. Their tag lines are "I am _____________ Husky. I am very cute." The more they say, the more Puppy got irritated. Initially Puppy likes them alot one. But now, after so many incidents, Puppy doesn't really like them. Tired of their nonsense. Tell you a secret. The Di Di Husky cannot sing one. Whenever he sings, I will have to hide in the toilet and immerse my head in the toilet bowl so that I cannot hear his singing. He still says he wants to participate in Superband next year with his brothers. Oh my god. I think he can only appear in the first episode. Haha.

As the Husky Brother don't live with me, I am not really close to them. Now I am going to introduce those who I spend almost every second with them.

In this photo, we are playing choo choo train. Haha. Let's start from the back. That is Ku Ku. This is a birthday gift for Puppy. This crocodile looks a bit stupid that's why they name him Ku Ku. Next one is Si Mi Lang, in short SML. He indicated that he wants a Japanese name and the Japanese name for the males normally ends with the word lang. In chinese, that lang sounds the same as the word wolf. So this is a perfect name for him. Following are Hei Meh (black sheep) and Bai Meh (white sheep). Ku Ku, SML and the Meh Mehs come from the same family - The Nici family. Then you see the red head turkey. His name is Cockster from TY. The white dog in front of me is Snowy. Both of them are my personal transport. They are my kok kok beh. Whenever I don't feel like walking, I will ride on them. The two right in front of the train are gifts from Barney - they are Little Barney and Beary. If you look closely at the picture, you will see a small little rabbit near the tip of Ku Ku's nose. He is Hopson. One of my friends too. He has the smirky look so he was left out of the game. Poor thing.

I think that's about it. If there are new members joining, I will introduce them to you. So if I need to mention any of the above characters in my blog, I will assume that you already know who they are and I will not introduce them again. Hope you have enjoyed my blog.

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