Monday, December 29, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 004

This is Kym Kym Hour. Welcome to my blog. This dinner is not as fanciful as the normal dinner. Reason? Most likely is that Badman not at home lor. Only when the whole family is coming home for dinner then there will be more fanciful stuff. Even with these simple dishes, Puppy will be happy to have her dinner at home. The dish below is stir-fried Japanese cucumber. Quite a simple dish. The only condiment used is oyster sauce. Puppy's mum fried the shallots until they were golden brown then added in the cucumber and oyster sauce to taste. Simple right?

I guess this is one of the first dish that one will make when they started to learn cooking. Puppy and I love eggs. Eggs in all forms. Haha. But seldom do we eat sunny side up when we are eating out because they are simply too OILY. See! Home cooked one were not oily at all and Puppy's mum even laid the eggs on kitchen towel to absorb the oil. Haha. That's our family.

Puppy will always request for a soup. Today's special will be radish pork rib soup. There were dried scallops to make the soup sweeter. When there were not many dishes, Puppy will finish up the radish as well as the dried scallops. No wonder she is born in the year of Pig. Haha. There is a word of caution when taking this soup. According to Puppy's mum, when one is taking chinese medicine or tonic like Ginseng, they should not take this soup because the effect of the medicine or tonic will be cancelled, equivalent to not taking. Chai Por, the brown thingy on top of the chwee kuay also has the same effect. So do take note hor.

Next entry will be on Puppy's baking. If you want to know her standard (don't have too high expectation hor), do stay tune.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 003

It's Kym Kym time again. Food, food and more food. Haha. If possible, Puppy prefer to start every meal with soup. Why why? According to studies, the soup will fill up your stomach and you will tend to eat lesser for the main course. First, you can lose weight. Second, it helps you to save money especially during recession. Haha. Puppy's theory.

But if you really keen on losing weight like Barney (one with a big spare tire around his waist), it will be better for you to start with clear soup like the one below and not those creamy type aka ang mo soup. The base of this soup is brewed from ikan bilis (small dried fish). It is high in calcium provided you eat the ikan bilis as you are eating the small bones of the fish. But please eat in moderation as it is high in salt content. One suggestion from Puppy, soak them in water before putting them in your soup. After the base is done, you can add in anything you like. For the one below, sliced fish, meatball, tomatoes, beancurd, crabstick and salted veggies were added to make it tastes better. It will be a complete and balance meal for simple eater like Puppy.

Of course Puppy's mum won't just serve one soup for the family. There were two other main dish for her dinner.

Puppy loves eggplants too. There are several ways of frying this veggie. For the above, sambal chilli, dried shrimps, minced meat and garlic were added. In the hawker centre, they do serve similar dish but they were too oily for Puppy's liking. They deep-fried the eggplants to make it tastes nicer. If you look carefully, there were a little bit of tau gua in it. I guess they were from yesterday's dinner. As Puppy's mum is a traditional woman, she believed that one should not waste food so she added them into this dish. Surprisingly, it did not spoil the taste at all. All these bits and pieces will be picked up by Puppy before the dinner started. Haha.

The third fish that she had for dinner is chinese leeks with fish. This Puppy really strange, likes to eat greens that are unknown to me. This is a popular dish during Chinese New Year eve. The chinese name for this chinese leek is 蒜(suan) which sounds like counting. So chinese believe that if you eat it on the eve of chinese new year, you will have lots of money to count next year. Haha. But Puppy likes the taste lah, especially when it is fried with black promfet.

That's all folks for this episode. Stay tune for more delicious foodies.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 002

Do you guys miss me?? I am so sorry to abandon my blog for so longggg.... This is because I went to KOREA with puppy for 8 days. Haha. When Puppy finishes sorting the photos then I will publish them here. For now, lets look at more delicious food that was fed to my Puppy.

Puppy is a very versatile eater. Simply put it, she eats almost everything. She loves these prawns. Fried with chilli paste, ginger and chilli padi. She can finish the rice with just the sauce and maybe one prawn. Of course her mum will stuff two more prawns to her. The prawn head is filled with the sauce and roe. So yummy.

Puppy loves to remove the bones of these little fish for everyone. She enjoys the process. Haha. The cheeks and tail are the nicest parts as they are crispy and flavourful. Her mum marinated the fish with some salt and yellow ginger powder. Perfect dish for nasi lemak.

My puppy also has a unique taste. She loves food that most people don't like, for example brinjal, peppers and BITTER GOURD. Oh my god. She can even eat that thing raw. Haha. She never gets tired of it. For every trip to NTUC, she will request for bitter gourd. The only time she won't ask for it is during the month of Lunar New Year. Haha. This dish goes well with rice, porridge or even on its own. Haha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 001

Dear all, this will be the first episode on my Puppy's dinner. She is a great fan of her mother's cooking. She loves her cooking and so do I. Influenced by her. She is trying to master some skills but... I shall just say that she still has a long way to go. Haha.
The above dish is deep-fried ikan bilis with sambal and onions. Spicy and sweet. Perfect for nasi lemak. But too bad, that night we only had brown rice.

Maybe many of you thought my Puppy is a carnivore but you are wrong. She wants to eat veggies all the time. Best if everything is veggies. Her mum knows that so she will make a point to include veggies in every meal. So lovely. This dish consists of cauliflower, yellow pepper and carrot. There are also little dried prawns aka hei bee in it. This will add flavour and 'sweetness' to it.

Puppy loves to have soup for every meal. Not those MSG tainted one but soup that is cooked for hours using bones and veggies. The pork ribs in this soup don't have those piggy smell which Puppy dislikes. This is because Puppy's mum boiled the ribs in water before dumping them into the soup. This is to remove the 'blood water' and also the smell. This is one of the soup where Puppy will finish everything, from the potato to the tomato to the carrot. If I am late, I am only left with bones.

I think that's about all for this entry. Stay tune for next one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My One Year Old Birthday

For this post, I won't write about my past adventures. I will post about what happen yesterday. Yes. Fresh from the oven. Still fresh in my mind. And I am sure it will be fresh in my mind always.

Wah! So fast I have been in this house for one year. And 1st December 2008 marks my one year old birthday. Haha. It is so sweet of Puppy to organize a birthday party for me. She also makes a birthday cake for me that morning. From her mountain of recipes, she chose a healthy and easy to make cake. But then... the flavour sounds a bit exotic... black sesame sponge cake. Haha. Luckily it turns out well.

At about 6pm, my friends came. The Husky Brothers and turtle came without bringing any presents for me. I will remember that. Haha. Barney will be sponsoring the pizzas for the night.

Just before we start our party, let's take a group photo together. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Barney for sponsoring th pizzas, Puppy's dad for the chicken wings, Puppy's mum for the red bean soup and last but not least my beloved Puppy for making my birthday cake. After cheesing, LET'S TUCK IN.

After dinner, they sang birthday song for me and I cut my cake. I am so happy. Thanks everyone who attended yesterday and my beloved Puppy who organised everything for me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A New Look For My Blog

Puppy has been helping me to update this blog for about 6 months. Time flies. I found that it is a bit boring and lonely to just write about my own adventures. After discussing with Puppy, I decided to share this blog with Puppy. Hee hee.

So what will she contribute to this blog? Hee hee. I shall not keep you in suspense. Puppy loves to eat and everyone knows that. Don't know since when, she started to take photos of what she eats for dinner everyday. And she has a huge collection now. She decided to share her good food visually with everyone. Haha. Can see but cannot eat. She is very evil hor. Opps. Haha.

She will also be sharing her creations. What creations?? She has just picked up a new hobby in September, and that is baking. She also took photos of everything that she baked, whether it is a success or failure. Haha. The taste wise mah... Ok lah. Some are nice and some needs improvement lah. However, I am always looking forward to her new creations because I am a glutton. Haha. Let you have a peek at her collections first.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How I spend my day when I was in NIE

When I want to follow Puppy to NIE, I will pick those days where she has long break in between. Then she will spend her time in library with her friends, drinking coffee, eating cakes and chatting. Of course I will have my share. Haha.

Before enjoying her coffee, we went to the computer lab to check email. I was playing peek-a-boo with her friend. Thus, I was caught in act by his camera. Haha.

Make a guess. Do you think this is what Puppy is having for her tea time? Answer is NO. What is the evidence? A fact about Puppy. She doesn't take cold drinks. Maybe a mouth or two from Barney's drink but definitely not a whole cup. I only borrow these food to take photo. Haha.

This mocha belongs to Puppy, in other words, also belongs to me. Definitely I can take a sip and even drink the whole cup. Of course, I am not a bad bear bear, I took a sip and sat quietly at the sofa enjoying the music.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day with Kym Kym

In the morning, I followed Puppy to NIE again. She still have to finish up some of her modules before she can graduate. I went along because she had a long break in between her lessons. So I can entertain her during her free time. We went to the library. As usual, there were so many people so I had to hide in her bag. When coast was cleared, I peeked out of the bag and took a photo. Cheese...

When we went home, we found a new member in our family, Si Mi Lang. Without any delay, I grabbed him and took a photo with him. I am so small compared to him. He makes a good arm chair. Haha.

Then the whole lot of us went to Puppy's parents room to enjoy air-con and watched TV. Is not that Puppy's room got no air-con, just that we were trying to save energy. SAVE THE EARTH. I cannot believe I am so noble. From this picture you can see who is sensitive to the camera. Is ME. Only I faced the camera and posed. Haha.

Brag too much about myself and here comes the retribution. While Puppy was folding her clothes, she put my head into her socks. Thank god, it is clean socks or else I will need to jump into a pool of dettol to clean myself. But it is still very disgusting. This is the burglar look that Puppy designed for me. THANK YOU. This lesson teaches me how to be humble.

Monday, November 3, 2008

In the month of May 2008

May is Puppy's birthday month. I can still remember a few days before her birthday, her dad is not in Singapore, so we shifted to a bigger bed (to sleep with my godma). She bought a few of us over, and of course I am one of them lah. Haha. We sat there watching TV until all our eyelids were to heavy to lift up. Haha.

A few days later, I was smacked on my cute, little butt butt. Ouch.... So painful. But I forgot why I was being smacked. I guessed I was being very mischievious because Puppy loves me so much. I must have made her very angry in order to let her pick up the ruler and smack me.

It is 10th May 2008. Puppy's 25th birthday. She found her first birthday present beside her pillow the first thing in the morning. It is Kuku, from her brother. I have mentioned Kuku before. Then came Barney with his presents (a bear named White Star and a box of red pens. NOT CREATIVE AT ALL). Barney brought her out the whole afternoon, WITHOUT ME. So angry. I thought I could have good food and take lots of pictures that day. I ended up at home, on the bed, dreaming of all these things.

See, we tool picture with her birthday cake. From left, ME, Meh Meh, Kuku and White Star.

And this is Kuku and me. Latest update, though Kuku is Puppy's birthday present, he is now PR of the Bad Man's bed. He stayed there all day long. If Puppy brings him back, Bad Man will come and fetch him back and bully me. In order to protect me, Puppy did not attempt to bring him back ever since. She will pop by next door to visit him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Wardrobe Part II

My puppy enjoys buying accessories and clothes for me. But due to my unique shape, she faces great difficulties recruiting clothes for me. At least she tried. Haha.

Puppy got this hat from Spotlight. The owner of Chip and Dale (if you read the previous post on NIE) told her that Spotlight is selling accessories for dolls. She said some might be suitable for me. So Puppy bought me along when she went to Spotlight. This hat is quite expensive lor. About $6 to $8.
During one of the OG 20 % + 10 % member sale, Puppy bought a diaper set for me. In this diaper set, there are two diapers, one pink and one blue. So far, I only wear the blue one because it makes me look more man. Haha.

This photo was taken in the car, on the way to a restaurant. It is Puppy's dad's birthday. We were going to have a feast there. I dressed up specially for this occassion. See my beautiful tie. But I was very disappointed because I was left in the car when they left for the restaurant. Puppy wanted me to look after the car as there isn't a baby chair small enough for me. Waste my effort. Disappointed.

This is my favourite photo. I look so smart with the bow tie. Haha. I always joke that this can be used for the lorry's head photo. If you know what I mean. Haha.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Puppy's New Home for the Next 10 Weeks

My puppy was posted to a school to do her teaching practice. As her loyal companion, of course I will follow her to her new work place to inspect it. After she had settled down, I popped out of my zip lock bag and ran around. She took some photos of me. Haha.

These were the books and stationery that she was given. Puppy helped me to wipe the rack before I sat there. You can guess what subject Puppy is teaching? Hee hee.

Puppy cannot do without her laptop. Before she is given one by her school, she had to bring hers to school everyday. Poor Puppy. Her shoulder pain will come back again. Being kind and understanding, I offered to stay at home for this period.

After packing her stuff, we walked round the place and guess what? The bear in this photo is not me. We found my cousin in this room. What a small world! This table is nice and cosy. I guessed my cousin is happy there. I did not get to talk to him as Puppy did not know who is the owner of this table. So not nice to go nice. We have to stand at a distance and wave to my cousin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Trip to NIE

Time flies. Today is Puppy's last day at NIE before she is posted out to a school to do her teaching practice. And they have an exhibition to display their service learning project. I followed her to her store. As her project is about saving endangered animals, her group members brought many toys to display at the counter. Mind you, I am not one of the endangered animals displayed there, my role there is a visitor. Since I am a visitor, of course it is my duty to take photos with the endangered animals there. Here are some of the friends who I met there. Enjoy.
This is Mr Bat and Baby Bat. I am wondering if they will become Batman in the future. I wish to travel around in Batman's car.

I know what you are going to say. They are not endangered animals. Their owner and my Puppy belong to the same species. Haha. Like to buy accessories to decorate us. They got their hats and specs from Spotlight. Puppy said she will be getting one for me too as I tried it and it fits perfectly. Their owner even took the effort to decorate their plain black hat. Envy.

I look nice in their hat right?

The specs did not suit me as my eyes are too close together. This pair of specs suit people with eyes that are wide apart. No no for me. And i think I look tut tut in that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Wardrobe Part I

Till now, all the pictures that I posted here are my 'naked' photos. Anyway, everyone is born naked in the first place. Nothing to be ashamed about. But Puppy finds it too boring to just leave me naked. So she started looking for clothes that can fit me. Sigh... Due to my unique figure, Puppy has a hard time looking for it. Then one fine day, when she was cleaning up her cabinet, she saw a jacket that seem to fit me. She grabbed it immediately and put it on for me. Tah dah... Fit just nicely. Too bad, it is pink in colour, or else I will love it more. Makes me look a bit girly. But never mind, I only wore it for a while because... (continue below)

This photo is not well-taken. See my fur below my nose. Not nicely combed. Normally Puppy will comb my facial hair every day and every time I take photos. How come she forgot this time? Continuing from where I left off just now, why can Ionly wear this jacket for a while only? This is because it belongs to another bear. Hee hee. As I am a good bear bear, I returned this jacket once I took the photos. But this grey bear promised to lend me this jacket when I go Korea this year end. Yippee.

Nice right? Everyone says that I look cute in this jacket. Though the sleeves are a bit long for me, at least still can see my little hands. Haha. If anyone happen to spot any clothes that is suitable for me, please leave me a message. I will ask Puppy to buy for me. To add on to my collection of Kym Kym's clothing.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift but not on Valentine's Day

Barney bought this bouquet of flowers for Puppy as a Valentine's Day gift. But it was delivered to her on 15th February 2008. Why? Puzzled? Because this cheapo Barney bought this from his students one. It was given to him on Valentine's Day itself. And he is not meeting Puppy. So waited till next day then give. Luckily the flowers still quite fresh else I would ask Puppy to send it down the rubbish chute. So bo shim. Barney should have delivered to her on the day itself mah. Haha. Anyway, Puppy was delighted when she received it. So she dragged me to take a photo with her beloved flowers before it goes into the bin after it withers. So irony. Want others to buy flowers and yet complain that it is very wasteful. Woman ah woman. Ironical animal.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yeah... Chinese New Year

Yeah! It's Chinese New Year. A season filled with laughter and food. Of course I had my share of food and drinks and even wine. Haha. I even snatched some from Puppy when she was not looking at it. Eventually she found out also. Because my tummy grew much bigger than expected. This is my first Chinese New Year with Puppy and family. I felt the warmth from them which made me even cuter as days passed. Then Puppy's mummy gave me a Ang Bao leh. I was so touched. You don't think inside got no money hor. There is $2.00 inside. Hee hee. I put it in my Charmmy Kitty's luggage.
A few days after the first day of Chinese New Year was Puppy's brother's, aka bad man, birthday. He was quite kind to me on his birthday. He did not bully me or play prank on me. So I had the chance to take a picture with his birthday cake and ate a small piece too. Not enough actually. But I did not ask for me, too pai seh. I just went back to my room and sleep. At least sleeping won't make me fat. Haha. Dreaming of creamy cheesy cheese cake.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chinese New Year is coming.

In my previous post, I mentioned something not so accurate. The photos were taken on 1st Feb 2008, not so near Valentine's Day yet. Hee hee. Please pardon me. My brain too small, cannot remember so many things. Puppy read my post then highlight to me this.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is round the corner, so Puppy's mama needs to change her bedsheet. This is a BIG problem for me. As I am permanently park on her bed, where will I go when her bed is being clean? I found out very soon after that. This is where I am. Can you spot me?

Too far? Cannot see? Nothing mah. Just a basket with a doraemon. Ok ok. I will take a closer shot.

Can see me now? My cute, chubby brown cheeks was pressed on the basket. Luckily it did not leave any permanent mark on my face. But as soon as Puppy saw this, she dug me out and place me on the sofa. The good thing is I can watch TV but the bad thing is a bad man will come and kidnap me. The same guy who kidnapped Kuku from Puppy. Luckily he was not at home on that day. Phew...

A Trip to NIE

It's just a few days before it is Valentine's Day in year 2008. That day, I knew that puppy will be going out after school so I tagged along. Hee hee. She went to school early in the morning. I have to hide in the bag for the whole day. So sad. Once in a while, she will peep into her bag and say Hi to me and sayang me. But that is like 10 seconds out of like 8 hours. Can you imagine how bored I was? To make things worse, Puppy's bag is black outside and inside as well. Black is a good absorber of heat, mind you. I was like steaming inside. Thank god, this only happen once every 2 hours and only for about 5 minutes. But that's enough.

Finally, end of my Puppy's lesson, which means end of my suffering. I can come out of the black bag and also out of my zip lock bag. Yeah. To celebrate, I posed and took some pictures while waiting for Barney to come and pick us up.

Please take note of my beautiful tie. Puppy specially tied this for me to celebrate Chinese New Year. She untied it after a month and now she forgot how to tie back the same style for me. Sad sad.

NIE should consider getting me to endorse for them. Hee hee. I know the photo is a bit blur lah. But cannot blame my puppy also. She had to look around to make sure that there is no one looking at us (else people might think that we are crazy), help me pose (as I am too short) and hold the handphone. Plus her handphone's camera only 2 Megapixels, the result is like this lor. Don't worry, I my psycho her to upgrade to a better phone so she can take better quality photos of me. Haha.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Place I call Home

Initially this post will be the second part of the introduction to my friends but the photos are not ready yet. That puppy too busy liao. So I thought of sharing some of the photos I took last year, not long after I moved to this new home.

My puppy is a crazy fan of doraemon. She has so many figurines and soft toys and accessories that have the blue cat's face on them. I see these blue robotic cats everyday. I will bump into them no matter which direction I go. I took photos with some of puppy's favourites.

This is a sleeping doraemon. His name is called Z-mon. He is good to hug and I love to lie on his back. Just like a bed to me. However, he is not on the bed anymore. Puppy likes him too much, scare that she will drool on him so she kept him in her cupboard. I am wondering how come I am still on her bed because by right she also loves me alot. She is not scare of me getting dirty meh? But never mind, I want to enjoy the air of freedom.

See! I was hiding among the blue robotic cats. This is only part of her collection lor. She still has many small doraemons which I find not so intimidating. I was trying to climb out to have my face seen in this photo. Tough man. I think I burnt a few more calories from my oil reserve.

Surprise. Don't think that I cannot stand on my own just because I am a beanie. I can stand one. But Puppy put in lots of effort just to make me stand. She has to push all the beans from my tummy to my feet to increase my weight at the bottom. This will increase my stability. She also tried very hard to adjust my position in such a way that my centre of gravity is within my base area. Though I looked a bit slanted, I appreciated her effort.

This is a much simpler shot as I have my mini luggage to support me. I forgot to mention this luggage in my Hong Kong Trip entry. Puppy bought this for me in Hong Kong. Just $1. It has a charmmy kitty printed on it. Just nice for my size and height. It comes with a small charmmy kitty key chain for me to hang on my luggage. I love it very much. Thanks Puppy.