Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Place I call Home

Initially this post will be the second part of the introduction to my friends but the photos are not ready yet. That puppy too busy liao. So I thought of sharing some of the photos I took last year, not long after I moved to this new home.

My puppy is a crazy fan of doraemon. She has so many figurines and soft toys and accessories that have the blue cat's face on them. I see these blue robotic cats everyday. I will bump into them no matter which direction I go. I took photos with some of puppy's favourites.

This is a sleeping doraemon. His name is called Z-mon. He is good to hug and I love to lie on his back. Just like a bed to me. However, he is not on the bed anymore. Puppy likes him too much, scare that she will drool on him so she kept him in her cupboard. I am wondering how come I am still on her bed because by right she also loves me alot. She is not scare of me getting dirty meh? But never mind, I want to enjoy the air of freedom.

See! I was hiding among the blue robotic cats. This is only part of her collection lor. She still has many small doraemons which I find not so intimidating. I was trying to climb out to have my face seen in this photo. Tough man. I think I burnt a few more calories from my oil reserve.

Surprise. Don't think that I cannot stand on my own just because I am a beanie. I can stand one. But Puppy put in lots of effort just to make me stand. She has to push all the beans from my tummy to my feet to increase my weight at the bottom. This will increase my stability. She also tried very hard to adjust my position in such a way that my centre of gravity is within my base area. Though I looked a bit slanted, I appreciated her effort.

This is a much simpler shot as I have my mini luggage to support me. I forgot to mention this luggage in my Hong Kong Trip entry. Puppy bought this for me in Hong Kong. Just $1. It has a charmmy kitty printed on it. Just nice for my size and height. It comes with a small charmmy kitty key chain for me to hang on my luggage. I love it very much. Thanks Puppy.

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