Monday, November 3, 2008

In the month of May 2008

May is Puppy's birthday month. I can still remember a few days before her birthday, her dad is not in Singapore, so we shifted to a bigger bed (to sleep with my godma). She bought a few of us over, and of course I am one of them lah. Haha. We sat there watching TV until all our eyelids were to heavy to lift up. Haha.

A few days later, I was smacked on my cute, little butt butt. Ouch.... So painful. But I forgot why I was being smacked. I guessed I was being very mischievious because Puppy loves me so much. I must have made her very angry in order to let her pick up the ruler and smack me.

It is 10th May 2008. Puppy's 25th birthday. She found her first birthday present beside her pillow the first thing in the morning. It is Kuku, from her brother. I have mentioned Kuku before. Then came Barney with his presents (a bear named White Star and a box of red pens. NOT CREATIVE AT ALL). Barney brought her out the whole afternoon, WITHOUT ME. So angry. I thought I could have good food and take lots of pictures that day. I ended up at home, on the bed, dreaming of all these things.

See, we tool picture with her birthday cake. From left, ME, Meh Meh, Kuku and White Star.

And this is Kuku and me. Latest update, though Kuku is Puppy's birthday present, he is now PR of the Bad Man's bed. He stayed there all day long. If Puppy brings him back, Bad Man will come and fetch him back and bully me. In order to protect me, Puppy did not attempt to bring him back ever since. She will pop by next door to visit him.


Providence said...

Haha kym kym, barney also got other present for puppy mah. U left that one out...

Kym Kym said...

What present? How come I don't know.

Providence said...

Wah how come u dun know? U see the boxes of Japanese cards on Puppy's table? Part of Puppy's birthday present also hee hee