Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chinese New Year is coming.

In my previous post, I mentioned something not so accurate. The photos were taken on 1st Feb 2008, not so near Valentine's Day yet. Hee hee. Please pardon me. My brain too small, cannot remember so many things. Puppy read my post then highlight to me this.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is round the corner, so Puppy's mama needs to change her bedsheet. This is a BIG problem for me. As I am permanently park on her bed, where will I go when her bed is being clean? I found out very soon after that. This is where I am. Can you spot me?

Too far? Cannot see? Nothing mah. Just a basket with a doraemon. Ok ok. I will take a closer shot.

Can see me now? My cute, chubby brown cheeks was pressed on the basket. Luckily it did not leave any permanent mark on my face. But as soon as Puppy saw this, she dug me out and place me on the sofa. The good thing is I can watch TV but the bad thing is a bad man will come and kidnap me. The same guy who kidnapped Kuku from Puppy. Luckily he was not at home on that day. Phew...

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