Monday, September 8, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift but not on Valentine's Day

Barney bought this bouquet of flowers for Puppy as a Valentine's Day gift. But it was delivered to her on 15th February 2008. Why? Puzzled? Because this cheapo Barney bought this from his students one. It was given to him on Valentine's Day itself. And he is not meeting Puppy. So waited till next day then give. Luckily the flowers still quite fresh else I would ask Puppy to send it down the rubbish chute. So bo shim. Barney should have delivered to her on the day itself mah. Haha. Anyway, Puppy was delighted when she received it. So she dragged me to take a photo with her beloved flowers before it goes into the bin after it withers. So irony. Want others to buy flowers and yet complain that it is very wasteful. Woman ah woman. Ironical animal.


Providence said...

Waff Waff. So nice. That time I belong to egg egg, and cannot go and see sob sob. Next year i wan to see ok?

Kym Kym said...

No problem Dan Dan's Husky. You run away from home she also won't notice one. Haha.