Thursday, November 20, 2008

How I spend my day when I was in NIE

When I want to follow Puppy to NIE, I will pick those days where she has long break in between. Then she will spend her time in library with her friends, drinking coffee, eating cakes and chatting. Of course I will have my share. Haha.

Before enjoying her coffee, we went to the computer lab to check email. I was playing peek-a-boo with her friend. Thus, I was caught in act by his camera. Haha.

Make a guess. Do you think this is what Puppy is having for her tea time? Answer is NO. What is the evidence? A fact about Puppy. She doesn't take cold drinks. Maybe a mouth or two from Barney's drink but definitely not a whole cup. I only borrow these food to take photo. Haha.

This mocha belongs to Puppy, in other words, also belongs to me. Definitely I can take a sip and even drink the whole cup. Of course, I am not a bad bear bear, I took a sip and sat quietly at the sofa enjoying the music.

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Providence said...

Kym kym enjoy life ah. Go to libary to drink coffee and eat cakes. Lucky we huskys dun like to drink coffee or eat cakes. We prefer other foods hee hee