Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppy's Creation 001 - Pineapple Tarts and Peanut Cookies

Wah. Almost 2 months since Puppy updates my blog. So sad. But I don't blame her. She is so busy that she hardly has time to play with me. Luckily she still bakes, at least once every two weeks. She picked up this hobby since September 2008. Until now, she has 15 creations. Maybe I start introducing her most recent masterpiece.

This is the first year she bakes her own Chinese New Year cookies. She attempted pineapple tarts and peanut cookies. The pineapple tarts taste good. The pastry was the softer kind, not cookie-like and it melts in my mouth. The pineapple jam was from Phoon Huat. Not too sweet, just nice for me. The ingredients are simple and easy to make. This recipe is definitely a keeper. See, even the stupid husky is trying to pry open the bottle to get one. Haha.

The second CNY goodies she made was peanut cookies. Another simple recipe for a greenhorn like her. I can describe the method to make these cookies in one sentence - mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and knead it into a dough. Haha. That's it. Then you can make them into the shapes and sizes that you want. Haha.

Puppy gave Barney one bottle of each creation. Hope he had enjoyed the goodies and the cookies did not increase his waistline. Haha.

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