Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 001

Dear all, this will be the first episode on my Puppy's dinner. She is a great fan of her mother's cooking. She loves her cooking and so do I. Influenced by her. She is trying to master some skills but... I shall just say that she still has a long way to go. Haha.
The above dish is deep-fried ikan bilis with sambal and onions. Spicy and sweet. Perfect for nasi lemak. But too bad, that night we only had brown rice.

Maybe many of you thought my Puppy is a carnivore but you are wrong. She wants to eat veggies all the time. Best if everything is veggies. Her mum knows that so she will make a point to include veggies in every meal. So lovely. This dish consists of cauliflower, yellow pepper and carrot. There are also little dried prawns aka hei bee in it. This will add flavour and 'sweetness' to it.

Puppy loves to have soup for every meal. Not those MSG tainted one but soup that is cooked for hours using bones and veggies. The pork ribs in this soup don't have those piggy smell which Puppy dislikes. This is because Puppy's mum boiled the ribs in water before dumping them into the soup. This is to remove the 'blood water' and also the smell. This is one of the soup where Puppy will finish everything, from the potato to the tomato to the carrot. If I am late, I am only left with bones.

I think that's about all for this entry. Stay tune for next one.

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Providence said...

Wah looks delicious hee hee. When will we have a chance to eat such food?

jack and jill huskys