Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Part 3

It has been a month since my puppy last update this blog. She is so busy with her new job that she forgot about my blog. Now that she has a little spare time, let's rewind the time back to mid December 2007. I shall begin from where I have left off that time.
Day 3 and Day 4 of the Hong Kong Trip were really boring for me. Puppy and company planned to go to Lantau Island and and Stanley respectively on Day 3 and Day 4. As these two places were relatively far from where we were staying, they made a very cruel decision which was to leave me in the hotel room to guard the room. What a nice way to put it. Though I was spared from staying in the zip lock bag all day, it was so boring. I could not enjoy the beautiful scenary of Lantau Island and Stanley, I could not enjoy the yummy food they were eating. The two days were like years to me.

Then it came Day 5. Yeah! They decided to bring me out on that day. It was our last day at Hong Kong so we grabbed every second and combed every inch that our feet could reach. We went to a big Snoopy Playground in Sha Tin. A perfect place for a cute bear like me. We took so many pictures there. I flipped and choose the best three to display here.

We took this photo once we reached Sha Tin. It was a long train ride from Jordan. Sit until my butt butt pain. This is one of my favourite photo. So artistic.

There were so many Snoopy around. After running about there whole morning, I decided to lie here and enjoyed a short sun tan. This photo will be nicer without the zip lock bag - to protect me from getting dirty. A safety precaution.

Oh no. This picture revealed my real height. I finally managed to persuade puppy to let me sit on the tree to take photo without the zip lock bag. Haha. But I had a price to pay after that. She hit my butt butt so many times to get rid of the dirt that was stuck on my butt. Ouch. So painful.

We left Sha Tin after lunch and went to Gundam Expo. I wasn't allowed to come out of the zip lock bag the moment we reached there. The two of them were so busy admiring the metal monsters that they forgot about my presence. Anyway, they bought so many Gundam models that they had to get a big box to contain all of them to ship back to Singapore. Where got spare hands to hold me. I forgave them as I am a understanding, cute little bear. That's why puppy loves me so much.

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