Monday, November 24, 2008

A New Look For My Blog

Puppy has been helping me to update this blog for about 6 months. Time flies. I found that it is a bit boring and lonely to just write about my own adventures. After discussing with Puppy, I decided to share this blog with Puppy. Hee hee.

So what will she contribute to this blog? Hee hee. I shall not keep you in suspense. Puppy loves to eat and everyone knows that. Don't know since when, she started to take photos of what she eats for dinner everyday. And she has a huge collection now. She decided to share her good food visually with everyone. Haha. Can see but cannot eat. She is very evil hor. Opps. Haha.

She will also be sharing her creations. What creations?? She has just picked up a new hobby in September, and that is baking. She also took photos of everything that she baked, whether it is a success or failure. Haha. The taste wise mah... Ok lah. Some are nice and some needs improvement lah. However, I am always looking forward to her new creations because I am a glutton. Haha. Let you have a peek at her collections first.

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