Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Wardrobe Part II

My puppy enjoys buying accessories and clothes for me. But due to my unique shape, she faces great difficulties recruiting clothes for me. At least she tried. Haha.

Puppy got this hat from Spotlight. The owner of Chip and Dale (if you read the previous post on NIE) told her that Spotlight is selling accessories for dolls. She said some might be suitable for me. So Puppy bought me along when she went to Spotlight. This hat is quite expensive lor. About $6 to $8.
During one of the OG 20 % + 10 % member sale, Puppy bought a diaper set for me. In this diaper set, there are two diapers, one pink and one blue. So far, I only wear the blue one because it makes me look more man. Haha.

This photo was taken in the car, on the way to a restaurant. It is Puppy's dad's birthday. We were going to have a feast there. I dressed up specially for this occassion. See my beautiful tie. But I was very disappointed because I was left in the car when they left for the restaurant. Puppy wanted me to look after the car as there isn't a baby chair small enough for me. Waste my effort. Disappointed.

This is my favourite photo. I look so smart with the bow tie. Haha. I always joke that this can be used for the lorry's head photo. If you know what I mean. Haha.


Providence said...

Kym kym ah...

So vain. So many clothes. Not like us husky brothers. Only need one scarf each to make us look **** hee hee

Lee said...

U can use ur lorry pic soon if u want. I can help u fulfil ur wish. Haha