Sunday, December 21, 2008

Puppy's Dinner Series 002

Do you guys miss me?? I am so sorry to abandon my blog for so longggg.... This is because I went to KOREA with puppy for 8 days. Haha. When Puppy finishes sorting the photos then I will publish them here. For now, lets look at more delicious food that was fed to my Puppy.

Puppy is a very versatile eater. Simply put it, she eats almost everything. She loves these prawns. Fried with chilli paste, ginger and chilli padi. She can finish the rice with just the sauce and maybe one prawn. Of course her mum will stuff two more prawns to her. The prawn head is filled with the sauce and roe. So yummy.

Puppy loves to remove the bones of these little fish for everyone. She enjoys the process. Haha. The cheeks and tail are the nicest parts as they are crispy and flavourful. Her mum marinated the fish with some salt and yellow ginger powder. Perfect dish for nasi lemak.

My puppy also has a unique taste. She loves food that most people don't like, for example brinjal, peppers and BITTER GOURD. Oh my god. She can even eat that thing raw. Haha. She never gets tired of it. For every trip to NTUC, she will request for bitter gourd. The only time she won't ask for it is during the month of Lunar New Year. Haha. This dish goes well with rice, porridge or even on its own. Haha.


Providence said...

Wah this is local food ah? Different from the food that i eat in korea leh. Must explore more local food hee hee

Beh Hor

Providence said...

Looks delicious puppy. When can I eat such food? Usually I'm left behind at Barney's home one when my brothers go out sob sob.

Dan Dan's

Kym Kym said...

Haha. Because you don't belong to us. Even when we move to the new house, you will still stay there. Haha.