Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Trip to NIE

Time flies. Today is Puppy's last day at NIE before she is posted out to a school to do her teaching practice. And they have an exhibition to display their service learning project. I followed her to her store. As her project is about saving endangered animals, her group members brought many toys to display at the counter. Mind you, I am not one of the endangered animals displayed there, my role there is a visitor. Since I am a visitor, of course it is my duty to take photos with the endangered animals there. Here are some of the friends who I met there. Enjoy.
This is Mr Bat and Baby Bat. I am wondering if they will become Batman in the future. I wish to travel around in Batman's car.

I know what you are going to say. They are not endangered animals. Their owner and my Puppy belong to the same species. Haha. Like to buy accessories to decorate us. They got their hats and specs from Spotlight. Puppy said she will be getting one for me too as I tried it and it fits perfectly. Their owner even took the effort to decorate their plain black hat. Envy.

I look nice in their hat right?

The specs did not suit me as my eyes are too close together. This pair of specs suit people with eyes that are wide apart. No no for me. And i think I look tut tut in that.

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Providence said...

Kym kym, u look so naked compared to the chipmunks haha. Better dress up more. Later catch a cold then u noe... And ur friends look nice also...