Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My One Year Old Birthday

For this post, I won't write about my past adventures. I will post about what happen yesterday. Yes. Fresh from the oven. Still fresh in my mind. And I am sure it will be fresh in my mind always.

Wah! So fast I have been in this house for one year. And 1st December 2008 marks my one year old birthday. Haha. It is so sweet of Puppy to organize a birthday party for me. She also makes a birthday cake for me that morning. From her mountain of recipes, she chose a healthy and easy to make cake. But then... the flavour sounds a bit exotic... black sesame sponge cake. Haha. Luckily it turns out well.

At about 6pm, my friends came. The Husky Brothers and turtle came without bringing any presents for me. I will remember that. Haha. Barney will be sponsoring the pizzas for the night.

Just before we start our party, let's take a group photo together. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank Barney for sponsoring th pizzas, Puppy's dad for the chicken wings, Puppy's mum for the red bean soup and last but not least my beloved Puppy for making my birthday cake. After cheesing, LET'S TUCK IN.

After dinner, they sang birthday song for me and I cut my cake. I am so happy. Thanks everyone who attended yesterday and my beloved Puppy who organised everything for me.

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Providence said...

Yeah kym kym happy birthday! Too bad I'm not allowed to go there. But I see everyone happy I'm also happy hee hee

Meow Meow