Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day with Kym Kym

In the morning, I followed Puppy to NIE again. She still have to finish up some of her modules before she can graduate. I went along because she had a long break in between her lessons. So I can entertain her during her free time. We went to the library. As usual, there were so many people so I had to hide in her bag. When coast was cleared, I peeked out of the bag and took a photo. Cheese...

When we went home, we found a new member in our family, Si Mi Lang. Without any delay, I grabbed him and took a photo with him. I am so small compared to him. He makes a good arm chair. Haha.

Then the whole lot of us went to Puppy's parents room to enjoy air-con and watched TV. Is not that Puppy's room got no air-con, just that we were trying to save energy. SAVE THE EARTH. I cannot believe I am so noble. From this picture you can see who is sensitive to the camera. Is ME. Only I faced the camera and posed. Haha.

Brag too much about myself and here comes the retribution. While Puppy was folding her clothes, she put my head into her socks. Thank god, it is clean socks or else I will need to jump into a pool of dettol to clean myself. But it is still very disgusting. This is the burglar look that Puppy designed for me. THANK YOU. This lesson teaches me how to be humble.


Providence said...

Haha poor kym kym. Head inside sock. Must be retribution haha. Waff waff

Providence said...

Meow meow. Long time no see kym kym. Really miss you. When will you come again to visit me? Remember last time you slept on me hee hee. Your family expanded alot hor. Meow meow hee hee