Thursday, June 13, 2013

Matcha Chocolate Marble Cake

Finally I got hold of matcha powder and I can't wait to inject it into my bakes. Browsing through my bookmarks, this green tea choco marble cake from No-Frills Recipes caught my eye. I am not in the mood to try something adventurous as I am going out later in the day. This cake only need two bowls and the method used is fuss-free. ^^v

I also got to use the moulds that I bought a few years back. Roses and hearts, perfect for Valentine's Day. This batter is a bit thick so it trapped some air bubbles. And my cakes have pock marks all over it. Sad. Nevertheless, it tasted great. This matcha powder does not have a strange after taste. I like the combination of matcha with chocolate. I had two of them with teh tarik for tea. Yum.

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