Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clearing the Cobwebs

*Hoo* Dust and cobwebs have been gathering on my blog since May 2012. A year has passed by and hopefully I am a year wiser. I made a decision in July 2012 to have a change in my job environment. Ever since, i was like sitting i an emotion roller coaster, ups and downs. Every day I am learning new things, which is something that I like but it can be stressful at times. On some days, I will melt down totally and just dump everything aside and start to moan, cry and talk rubbish. I guess this is life. The Earth will not stop rotating for me. With my work and commitments piling at exponential rate, this blog was left in the basement, untouched.

Now that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I  finally found some time to dust off the cobwebs here. Though I know my blog is only for me and myself to read, deep down in my heart, I still hope that someone will pop by and read the rubbish that I write. Haha. No need to write any comments as I don't leave any comments in others blogs too. Haha.

On 12th May 2013, I made a Mandarin Orange Cheesecake for my beloved mummy for Mother's Day. She cooked a big feast for my birthday a few days back. I am not capable enough to wipe up a big feast for her so I only can present this humble cake to her. Thank god, she likes it. :)

I got the recipe from here. Thanks, author of the blog.

I am still quite old school. So here is my journal. Those in the brackets are some minor modifications.

Here's the cake. Enjoy!

Hope to have another post soon. *fingers crossed*

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