Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soft Cheesecake

This cheesecake recipe is obtained from Kitchen Corner, which she tried recently. Being a novice in baking, you don't expect my cheesecake to turn out as beautiful as hers. I tried my best but I still make few mistakes which I am going to share with you here.

My cake is sunken and a bit soggy at the base when I unmoulded it 2 hours after baking. It rose beautifully for the first 30 minutes of baking but I made the biggest mistakes in cake-making, which is opening the oven door while the cake is baking inside. I was so afraid that the water will dry up so I opened the door to add it hot water. Big mistake. Regretted doing that as the water level is about the same after the whole baking process. Second mistake. The water seeps into my springform baking tin which made the sides and base a little soggy. I realised that to avoid this situation, I should have wrapped aluminium foil around it before placing it in the water bath. Luckily the cake is still edible and quite nice in fact. Just that is not soft and fluffy, rather it is a bit on the dense side. My family still finished the whole cake. I will try it again. Hee hee.


wendyywy said...

Thanks for linking my blog to urs.

Everybody makes mistakes when baking. I do, alot.
Just remember the lesson learnt and u'll be better the next time.

Kym Kym said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I will keep on trying until I get it right. I love to read your blog.