Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First, considered successful, Chiffon Cake

I haven't been really successful in cake making. I only started baking in September 2008 so I guess I need more failures before I can have a taste of success. As this week I have more free time, I decided to try baking a chiffon cake. I browse through a couple of blogs. Initially, I wanted to make a pandan flavour one but I am afraid that this bottle of essence will sit in the fridge until it expires. Since I have cocoa powder that will be expiring in May, I decided to hunt for a chocolate chiffon cake. Then I came across the chocolate marble chiffon cake from Cooking Crave. Her cake looks so beautiful. I decided to make this but omitted the marbling effect as I think I better keep it simple. This is how my cake looks like.

As I have experienced so many sunken cakes, I was so afraid that I might over-mix my batter. So I folded in the egg white very carefully and decided to stop folding it after all the egg white was covered by the batter. But actually there was still lumps of egg white in it which formed the white patches that you see in the picture. Luckily it did not affect the taste. It is moist and soft. Not too sweet. My mum says she loves it. So encouraging. It is a good attempt for me at least it is recognisable as a chiffon cake, unlike my previous attempts. 加油!:)

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