Friday, May 8, 2009

Puppy's Creation 002 - Chocolate Chips Cookies

This blog is not dead. Puppy was just too busy to update it. After two months, finally she has the time to update it. Hee hee. This blog is about Puppy's first baking creation - Chocolate Chips Cookies. This recipe is obtained from Sharp's instruction manual. Puppy's first attempt MUST be a successful one in order to boost her morale or else she won't have the courage to bake again. Then the microwave oven will become a white elephant.

The advantage of using the Sharp's recipe is that you can follow everything in it and no need to modify the recipe to cater to the oven because this recipe is written with this oven in mind. Hee Hee. The results is great. Everyone in the family loves it. The only comment is that more walnut can be added in.

I was eyeing on the cookies when they are just freshly out of the oven. Smell soooo nice. Hahah. I am going to chop a few for myself by stamping my foot print on them. Haha.

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