Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppy's Dinner Series 005

Though I did not blog about Puppy's dinner for two months, this doesn't mean she did not eat at home for two months. In fact, she eats at home every day except maybe for weekend. The two dishes that I am going to blog about are one of Puppy's family's favourites.

First will be the Salted Veggie Duckie Soup. This soup makes your appetite grows. For those who are watching your waistline, better avoid this dish. The slight sourish taste from the salted veggie makes you want to eat more. The duckie in it was so tender that the meat just fell off from the bone of the drumstick. Puppy likes to dip it in the high quality dark soya sauce before sending into her mouth. The other ingredient in this soup will be the sea cucumber. Full of collagen. Straight after you eat it, you can feel that your skin feels younger and more springy. Perfect for ladies. And the best thing is it has no cholesterol. Yeah.

As Puppy's mum is a Hokkien, she is very good at braising pork, chicken feet, eggs, mushroom, dried beancurd sheets, tau gua... Puppy can finish a bowl of rice with just an egg and the gravy. Delicious. Puppy always wonder when can she be a great cook like her mum. It is really a god's gift to be able to cook delicious food. Three cheers for Puppy's mum.

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