Thursday, May 14, 2009

Puppy's Creation 005 - Walnut Butter Cookies

Haha. Since Puppy has time to update her blog today, so might as well post two entries. Puppy has found an interesting site. Video Jug, is a site full of videos. As pictures worth a thousand words, Puppy has learned a couple of useful techniques over there, from tying of hair knot to kneading bread. She also saw this simple butter cookie recipe there. She decided to experiment again. And poor me, I have to be her guinea pig again. But I love being one. Hee hee.

During the process, Puppy has a bad feeling as the dough doesn't look like a cookie dough. It is extremely creamy and soft. After baking the first batch, to her horror, all her cookies melted in the oven and got burnt. She dare not to bake the second batch so she kept the dough in the fridge for the time being while she was thinking of ways to salvage the situation.

She went back to the website and read through the comments. She discovered that others also encountered the same situation. Then an experienced baker thought that the author might have typed the recipe wrongly, instead of 25g of flour, it should be 250g of flour. After reading through this, the next morning, Puppy added 125g to the remaining dough and kneaded it until well combined. This time, it looked like a cookie dough and her confidence came back again. She baked it and the kitchen was filled with the aroma of the butter. Yeah. This cookie is not those sweet kind as the recipe requires you to sprinkle icing sugar after baking it. But we prefer it just like this. Nice twist to this baking attempt. : )


PuRpLeStAr said...
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Providence said...

Woof woof looks nice. Think i got eat before. Barney got offer us. Nice nice hee hee