Thursday, October 8, 2009

Puppy is back to the blogging world.

I am so sorry. I have neglected you for almost half a year. Kym kym has no interest in writing blog already. So here I am. Puppy will be updating this blog while Kym kym is out there enjoying life. You must be wondering where have I been. Haha. I am busy working, shifting house, attending bread making lesson to brush up my skills (YES. I have suffered enough failures.) and many other things. The most important thing is I am too lazy to on my laptop to update this blog. I still prefer to write my journal in my baking scrapebook. I am slowly becoming an antique. Haha.

I have attended 12 bread making lessons with a small baking school. The environment is nice and filled with warmth and laughter. I enjoyed every lessons there even though it deprived me of my beauty sleep every Saturday morning. I have learnt the various techniques associated with bread making like kneading the dough, understanding the ingredients, temperature of the oven etc. So many things to learn. I can bake a loaf of soft bread but there are still room for improvements like how to make the softness last longer. Enough of rattling. Let's take a look at some of the photos of my creations during my 12 lessons.
These are what I made for my first lesson. Haha. Of course with guidance one.

Deep fried bun. Yum Yum. Makes me fat. Love and hate. Haha.

What a beautiful croissant. Nice on its own. Great with tuna mayo.

Guess what is this? Spinach bread with sambal shrimps. Spicy. I love it.
This is puff pastry bread with cream mushroom and chicken filling. Peppery. Yeah.

Pork floss roll. Need lots of skills to roll it. Delicate.

Pizza. Great way to get rid of the leftover veggies in my fridge.

This is the season finale. I made this myself during my last lesson. A bit like test. No help is given. Luckily I took notes during the lesson else by then I should have forgot everything liao. Haha. Benefits for being hardworking. Yeah. I hope I will have the urge to update my blog soon. Till then, take care.

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