Monday, October 12, 2009

Creation 007 - Milk Loaf

This is my first attempt to make a loaf of bread after graduating from my bread making course. I followed the steps closely and try to remember all that I have learnt from the course. I saw the milk loaf recipe from Happy Home Baking. Her result was so good. I am filled with envy. This is the type of loaf I hope to bake.

As I started making the bread at late afternoon, I did not have much time for it to double proof so I added 3g of bread improver to it so it only requires one proof. After demonstrating to the whole family what I have learnt from the course, I let it proof. I checked every 15 minutes to monitor the development. To my surprise, it proofed beautifully.

Then I sprayed the surface with water then sent it into the preheated oven. After 7 minutes of baking, it rose so high that it is almost touching the heating element so I tented it with aluminium foil abd baked for 20 minutes. The result is GOOD. I was delighted. It felt just like what HHB had described in the blog. It has a nice flavour. The aroma is overwhelming. I ate it with peanut butter the next day without toasting, unlike my previous attempt. After 2 days, it is still soft and no crumbs on the table after you ate the bread. A good start to my bread making journey.

Do you know why the surface looks so crumpled? I did not realised that the bread is that soft and I just knocked the bread out and it fell head on onto the cooling rack thus creating the crumpled look. I was too rough. Sigh.

My photography skill is still not that fantastic yet. So I failed to capture the softness of this bread in this photo. Nonetheless, I am glad that eating my bread is not a torture for my family now. They have eaten tonnes of failed bread before this. Haha.

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